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Types of Losses 

No matter the type of loss, Specialty Public Adjusters, Inc. will do a complete and detailed FREE home or business inspection to view the extent of the damages to your home.

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Water Damage

 Water damage involves many factors, such as a leaking Shower Pan,  failed plumbing systems, HVAC leaks etc. It is imperative that the problem be addressed quickly when a water loss occurs. Turn off water access to that line immediately to prevent further water damage to your home.

roof leaks

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are very common in the South Florida area, especially after Hurricanes or Tropical Storms. Oftentimes, the Insurance Company refuses to pay for the total replacement of the roof. This is why you need an expert. Our roof inspections are precise, detailed, clearly documented. 

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A fire loss can occur at any time and it is a devastating event for anyone. When a fire occurs, the homeowner is left with not only a broken home, but a broken heart, due to the loss of precious memories. Hiring an experienced Public Adjuster will give some peace of mind during this difficult time. 

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Pipe Burst

A pipe burst can occur under a concrete slab, behind a wall or behind the ceiling. No matter the type, Specialty Public Adjusters, Inc. is well versed in Pipe Burst claims, having successfully handled hundreds.

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Mold is very dangerous to our health, and unfortunately is often hidden. Our specialized thermal imaging cameras essentially look behind your walls for moisture, humidity and plumbing leaks. Where there is hidden moisture, there may be mold. Inspecting your property can prevent further damage to your home and health.

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Sometimes, it isn't just what the burglars took, but the damage they left behind. We hope you never experience a loss of this type, but if you ever do, you need someone in your corner. We handle the claims process from beginning to end, so you can focus on what really matters.

Business/ Commercial Loss

When your business suffers a loss, the consequences can be devastating. Loss of use, business interruption and even equipment/inventory damage are some of the factors when dealing with commercial claims. Specialty Public Adjusters, Inc. will carefully ascertain the damages and document factors for your claim. 


Whether it's a small or large condominium, you need a seasoned Public Adjuster to handle your claim. We have successfully represented South Florida condominiums, easing the claims process.

Call us for a FREE property & policy inspection

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